About Us

Desert Title Loans has been in the business of title lending for over 4 years. That doesn't sound like a long time on paper, but our 2 founders have over 20 years combined of title loan experience. We've previously managed 2 of the larger equity lending companies here in Arizona, and we've been successful by focusing on our loyal customers.

The Desert Title Loans - Lending Company in Arizona

We know you have many options and choices when considering a car title loan company in Arizona. That's why we strive to make things as simple as possible for you from start to finish. We pride ourselves on having the most up to date information on car title loan options in Arizona. Our site not only covers lenders in this state but all throughout the country. We also want the application process to be easy and simple. Most applicants will go ahead and submit their information by using our online form. But you also have other choices if you have questions or don't feel comfortable doing everything online. If you live within the state, you can call our local number and speak to a qualified rep who will help you with the application. You can speak to someone through the online chat portal. By doing this you can still submit the info online, but you chat with the rep if you have any questions or concerns.

Besides making things simple for anyone who wants to apply for funding in Arizona we also want to be thorough. Meet us at our Phoenix document signing location for a car title loan. You can always check out our updated State Regulations page. This page features the most recent news and legal issues that concern short term lending and title loans in Arizona. We're not attorneys, and we never give legal advice. Instead, we want that page to be a resource to our local visitors who have questions about the different types of restrictions in place for car title loans. As we state throughout our site, we're not a direct lender. We don't fund car title loans in Arizona or any other state. Instead, we work with many direct lenders in Phoenix and the surrounding areas of Arizona. We're able to get you the best rates and terms for your specific situation. That's not saying we're going to send your information to companies all throughout the Country. Simply put, we have a network of local companies that are based right here throughout the state. If you went to a direct lender you'll be left with one quote and no real alternative options.

How we can help you qualify for a title loan

With our company, qualified applicants can get multiple quotes for a car title loan in AZ Ultimately, you should make an informed decision that best fits their needs. Hopefully, we can provide a better understanding for our visitors on how a title loan can benefit you. HIgh interest title loans aren't for everyone. There are definitely better financing options in place for those who qualify. Use our site for information and guidance, but definitely do your own research. Check out the various loan options here in Arizona. You'll also want to look into each car title loan company that you may end up working with. Make sure they're registered and allowed to offer title loans in Arizona. Only move forward with a company when you have all your questions answered and feel comfortable with the car title loan they offer.