What Is A Vehicle Registration Loan?

A registration loan, which is a unique form of borrowing in itself, is only available in Arizona. It is a short-term loan where your vehicle’s equity is the difference between the amount owed and the amount your vehicle is worth.

This essentially means that you are using your vehicle’s registration to get money, not its ownership right. Even after approval of the loan, you get to drive your car and pay off the lien on your car title any time you want, without any hidden fees and charges.

Also known as an "auto title loan”, a car title loan refers to a short-term loan using the borrower’s car as collateral, by handing over the title of the car to the lender until the amount is paid off.

It is a way of getting emergency cash immediately. compare vehicle registration loan funding to a typical secured loan where you use a pink slip.Once you get an online title loan, you pay it off including simple as well as compound interest.




  • A title loan is applicable only if you are an outright vehicle owner. As long as the vehicle is owned outright, and you are listed as the owner of the car in a clear title sans any liens, you are eligible and will be approved.
  • A registration loan does not require complete ownership of the vehicle and can be approved nonetheless.
  • Car title loans go more towards a traditional loan. Here, the lender will keep your car title as secure collateral until the borrowed money is paid back. Hence, the borrower becomes the lien holder, which means, he/she has absolute ownership over the car.
  • An unsecured loan on the other hand does not provide complete ownership to the lender. Even to apply, one doesn’t require owning the vehicle outright. Only the registration of the vehicle must be approved by the lender. The loan is paid based on the recent market value of the car and your income. Hence, no collateral is required.
  • A car title loan often has additional charges and only loans huge sums of money.
  • A vehicle registration loan has low interest rates and no hidden charges and penalties. You can offer small amounts of money and pay them off at your own pace within the given period of time.
  • Car title loan owners are not open to people who are leasing or financing a car on monthly basis. Lenders here in Arizona consider that ineligible as a form of loan security.  Most vehicles cannot be secured with an additional lien. This makes them reject numerous applications from borrowers who want some emergency cash.
  • On the other hand, registration funding provides complete access to the short-term funds for Arizona residents. You have access to the quick cash you may need to resolve your financial issue.
  • A car title loan takes a longer time to process and approve since it deals with a larger amount of money and lien of a car. As you're using the vehicle pink slip for collateral, there's quite a bit more for the lender to verify.
  • A Reg loan comparatively takes way less time for approval. You can apply for a registration loan online. Go for a small amount and acquire it within 24 hours. The time period often depends on hours of operation for the Arizona Department of Transportation. Check on their hours and policies before you go. Hence, you can get out of your financial rut faster and easier.



This type of online funding is an easy and convenient short-term loan. You can apply for title loans Arizona and registration loans all over the state by using our online application. Also, feel free to view the many various well-known and reputed websites that provide online funding. Compare this to how long it takes to get approved for other types of funding like a bank loan or personal loan. Those forms of borrowing can take days and even weeks to get approval as the underwriter will look to verify many documents.

To apply for an auto registration loan in Arizona, you must be at least 18 years of age and need to provide your Government ID, vehicle, vehicle registration, proof of income, and account details. Once your loan plea gets approved, you get the required cash in your account.



Since a registration loan is a short term loan, it must be paid back within the eligible period of time. There is no pressure and you can pay back the amount owed in short, manageable amounts within the given period of time. Failure to repay a title loan or a vehicle registration loan may lead to repossession of the car and negative marks on your credit.