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You have many choices when you decide to apply for a vehicle equity loan. Don't make this process difficult by applying with a company you don't feel comfortable with. At Desert Title Loans you can submit your information online and get an approval notification within 20 minutes. You also have the option of talking to one of our customer service reps to get more information. We specialize in title loans for consumers in Arizona, and we can walk you through the entire application.

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Limited Paperwork Is Required To Get Your Title Loan Processed

The last thing you want to do is apply for an online title loan only to wait days to get official approval. Here at Desert Title Loans, we strive to make sure that doesn't happen. We do our best to get everything handled quickly in terms of paperwork and required documents. There may be some additional verification and paperwork needed. But we aim to get everything processed within one business day. That way you can move on to funding your loan.

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Get Cash in Hand Quickly With Different Title Loan Options

You have a few options when it comes to getting the actual cash for a title loan in Arizona. After everything is approved and you've signed off on the lending agreement you'll need to decide on how you want your money. Do you want to pick your funds in person at a convenient location in Phoenix? Or do you want the money sent to your bank or checking account? You also have the option of Western Union or a direct deposit on a specialized debit card.

Why Choose Us For A Title Loan In AZ

At Desert Title Loans our main goal is to make it simple and comfortable for any Arizona resident who's interested in getting a title loan. We all know there are many options for those who are looking to use their vehicle equity as collateral. But there are limited resources when it comes to local lenders here in Arizona. That's where we come in. We specialize primarily in car title loans and our focus is on AZ residents. Whether you live in Tucson, Tempe, or Flagstaff, we'll do our best to answer your questions and get you approved for online funding with the highest loan amount.

What's Required For Online Title Loans in Arizona

There's a lot that goes into getting successfully approved for an auto title loan. Don't make it more complicated by applying with a site that doesn't know the ins and outs of AZ lending restrictions. As we focus on Arizona residents, we know exactly what it takes to get cash in hand in a quick amount of time. Applying for title loans is not the same as other short term lending options like a payday loan or installment loan. Understand what a lender requires in terms of documents, collateral, and references. We'll guide you through the entire title loan application process and make it easy as possible.

Qualify Quickly For An AZ Title Loan

Qualify Quickly For An AZ Title Loan

Most car title loan lenders can approve you for funding within one business day if you live in Arizona. That's assuming your vehicle has sufficient equity and you've submitted the necessary documents. Some firms will need to inspect the vehicle in person.

Bad Credit Title Loans in Arizona

Bad Credit Title Loans in Arizona

When lenders are underwriting an application for a car title loan they're not really focusing on your credit score. They want to see that your vehicle has full equity with a clean pink slip. Like most short term loans they want to ensure you can pay back the title loan in full.

Pay Off Your Title Loan Quickly

Pay Off Your Title Loan Quickly

We all know that title loans come with high interest rates and significant fees if you fall behind on the set monthly payments. That's why it's important to work with an online lender that lets you pay off the full amount with no prepayment penalty.

You Can Keep Driving Your Vehicle

You Can Keep Driving Your Vehicle

Most of the large title lenders in Arizona will allow you to keep driving a motor vehicle when you agree to a loan. That way you can still drive to work and anywhere else. Ask your loan rep about restrictions on where you can drive or if they track your vehicle.

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Car title loans have been around for years in AZ and registration loans are becoming popular as well. What are the pros and cons of each of these loan offers and which should your choose if you have bad credit? […]
Bad credit title loans for applicants in AZ
A bad credit title loan is a great alternative for those who can't be approved for a payday loan or bank loan. When you apply for a secured loan you can almost guarantee a better approval response as the lender has collateral to fall back on if there's a default. […]

Questions About Our Online Title Loans In AZ

Can I submit a secured lending application entirely online?

You used to have few choices when searching for any type of online loan, like a car title loan, payday loan, or cash advance. However, now that most companies are online you can submit everything quickly and get approval that same day. You can always apply with a company in your local neighborhood (There are hundreds of companies that offer auto title loans in the greater Phoenix area).

Is there any paperwork to send in with my application?

The number one item that any company will need is your title. A lender needs to verify you're the actual owner and there are no liens active on your pink slip. You'll need to submit information like proof of insurance and a driver's license to qualify for an Arizona title loan. Companies may need proof of a checking account and personal references to distribute payment for high funding amounts.

Will I need to handover the car title before approval?

Yes, the lender will need your car's title to approve the loan. By giving the title loan company your pink slip you give them rights to your vehicle. That's why it's important to not fall behind or violate the lending contract. Make monthly payments on time and contact your lender if something comes up. Most car title loan companies will send the pink slip back in 30 days after you pay off the loan.

Can I keep driving my car when I get a online title loan in AZ?

Many large title loan companies in Arizona treat your vehicle title as collateral for your loan. Therefore, it's unlikely that you'll have to hand over your car as well. After all, how would you drive to work or go about your daily life without your car? Phoenix is a large area and you need a vehicle to get around. Don't work with a company that treats your car title loan like a vehicle pawn.

What type of credit score is required in AZ for title loans?

Car title loans are unlike the common personal loans you see offered by banks and credit unions. When you use a vehicle as collateral for a loan, you are telling the lender to take your car if you fall behind. Most companies don't care what type of credit score you have. Some may still run your credit report or do some credit checks. But it comes down to the available equity in your car.

How long does it generally take for an online approval?

As with any lending decision, all approvals are different and come with their own requirements. For example, a lender wants to verify your ability to repay before determining the annual percentage rate. You can often look for final approval within a few hours of submitting paperwork. At this point, you may need to submit to a vehicle inspection and then you can hand over the pink slip.

How much money can I borrow with a vehicle title loan?

Your lending amount entirely depends on the equity available in your car. Funding amounts for vehicle title loans can range from a few hundred dollars all the way to $30,000 for vehicles that are worth a considerable amount of money. Use out online calculator to estimate the current title loan value of your vehicle and find out what it's worth. Lenders will generally allow you to access 35%-55% of the car's equity with a secured loan.

How does the inspection process work for title loans?

Many title loan providers in Arizona will require some form of a vehicle inspection to confirm the car has sufficient value. You can complete the inspection at any local office or have the inspector come to you. It takes about 30 mins to inspect the inside and outside of the car and after that's completed you can sign the title loan docs and get your cash!